Vocational Training
The proceeds from the sale of all the above products go directly towards benefiting the differently-able students who produce these items with help from a vocational trainer. The proceeds are deposited into their bank accounts, which are jointly held by Prayas' director and the child's parent. Once the child is ready to be rehabilitated, the amount is handed over to the family to be used as seed capital for a self-employment venture and/or to meet the child's needs.

The products can be bought for private use, gifts or as part of goodie bags for conferences/workshops/seminars.

The importance of computer knowledge cannot be denied, and computer classes are part of the curriculum for the students in the Raja Park Integrated school and Jhalana Special School. Computer knowledge not only opens up avenues of knowledge but also improves their job opportunities. Many of the Prayas children have appeared for the Rajasthan Knowledge Commission Online examination.