Prayas' Schools
Prayas has 4 centers of its own in Jaipur (Raja Park, Jhalana, Amagarh and Sanganer). In addition, it also has a Home-Based Program and works in 12 Government Primary Schools to replicate its Inclusive Education Model and improve the quality of education while reducing drop-out rates.

(Integrated School)
(Special Needs School)
AMAGARH (Integrated School) SANGANER
(Integrated School)
Grades Nursery to 8/Upper Primary A special classification system used. Nursery to 5/ Primary Nursery to 5/ Primary
Post-Prayas Students are helped to enter mainstream schooling. Financial and academic support provided where required. Students are either integrated into schools of mainstream society or rehabilitated by way of employment or self-employment. Students attend the Raja Park school. Students are helped with entering mainstream schooling. Financial and academic support provided where required.

JHALANA (Special Needs School) Serving 104 children with special needs. Committed to reach out to maximum number of children with special needs
RAJA PARK (Integrated School) Serving 500 underprivileged children (normal and cwsn) from slums of Jaipur.
AMAGARH (Integrated School)
SANGANER (Integrated School)

Our schools cater for children who are not only physically and mentally challenged but also those who are socially and economically deprived because they belong to that strata of life where they are completely ignored and do not get level opportunities.

We try to integrate differently-able students studying in special classes into the mainstream classes with children without special needs. Differently-able students receive special education and once they attain the requisite academic skill level, we integrated them into our inclusive classrooms or in a mainstream school.

• Activity-Based Learning (ABL) is adopted as an active teaching methodology.

• Individual Education Programs (IEPs) and Group Education Program (GEP) are adopted for differently-able children based on their needs and abilities.

• Pre-vocational & vocational training (depending on individual skill level) is provided to enable the child to become independent physically and financially

• Occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy and counselling are provided to students at our Rehabilitation Department. We provided services to 267 children (in Prayas and non-Prayas) in 2012-13 through this department.

• Prayas works towards involving their families and getting them to participate in their future development to which end monthly Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTMs) are held. We strongly believe that only a holistic approach can take a child to a world of opportunities and thus awareness and active participation of parents are vital to this desired success.