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PRAYAS, as the name implies is an Endeavour to respect and restore Human dignity. It stems from an understanding of the needs of others, and acceptance of their rights and choices.

The Indian Constitution confers upon every citizen the right to health, education and equality of opportunity to lead a life with dignity. However, the infrastructural and social support needed to avail these rights is not in place. In such circumstances, one can visualize the desolate condition and social stigma which special needs children face. Disability was earlier viewed as a medical rather than a social phenomenon. Prayas was conceived out of this realization!

Even in its embryonic state, the quest of Prayas and its founder Late Miss Jatinder Arora was to ensure that every under privileged child including children with special needs have the same access to education as anyone else. For almost three decades, Prayas has been relentlessly working for recognition and realization of the rights of the most marginalised child to help them create their independent identity. Our children have overcome physical, intellectual and social challenges, and given the nurturing environment, shown they are capable of growth, development and achieving their potential and competence.

For every person working for this cause, Prayas offers an unique opportunity to inculcate a sense of self-esteem and identity in the child.

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