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We are happy to have you as our partner in our endeavour for sustainable change through education, vocational skills and other initiatives. When we work together, we not only bring hope and dignity in their lives, but also serve ourselves, by giving back to society for the betterment of those who are not as privileged as others. We will stay connected with you by updating you on what's happening at Prayas. We encourage you to widen our reach by inviting other like-minded people to join this group. As a Friend of Prayas, you have now become our partner in bringing hope to an under privileged child and help plan a future that he deserves. You thus endorse your belief in his potential and capabilities. Your moral support boosts his self-confidence and empowers him to move ahead! You are helping when you visit them, interact with them, talk about them to other like-minded people, celebrate your special days with them, lend a helping hand where needed. You not only find self -fulfilment but also participate in a profound social change in his life and that of his family and community.

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