Children with Special Needs need Pre-vocational & Vocational training (depending on individual skill level) to enable the child to become independent physically and financially. Depending on their aptitude, fine and gross motor skills, different vocational initiatives have been taken up in Prayas. These include:

› Tie and dye (bandhej, lahariya Kota and Mummul Dupattas & Scarves, File Covers)
› Embroidery (Bags, Pouches)
› Paper Mache
› Candle Making
› Paper Carry bags
› Soaps, Hand washes (Rose, Multani, Sandal and Lemon)
› Tiffin Centre
› Bakery
› Computer training

The above products made by the children are used by our donors for private use, gifts or as part of goodie bags for conferences/workshops/seminars. The proceeds of the donation received for all the above products go directly towards benefiting the differently-able students who produce these items with help from a vocational trainer.

The proceeds are deposited into their bank accounts, which are jointly held by Prayas' director and the child's parent. Once the child is ready to be rehabilitated, the amount is handed over to the family to be used as seed capital for a self-employment venture and/or to meet the child's needs.

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