Prayas also engages in community activities where a dedicated team of outreach workers work actively in the slums. Regular community meetings are held by the staff to actively bring about awareness on rights and community mobilization. The work in the Community Outreach Program mainly deals with awareness on child rights, education, cleanliness, disabilities, health, pregnancy (immunization, medication, nutrition, Auxiliary Nurse Midwives and registration with govt. hospital) and sending small children to Angan-badi schools. Awareness camps, disability camps and health camps are organized regularly. Prayas also helps district authorities in organising camps for children.

At present, we serve a total of 55 communities directly.

• Prayas has also helped children to get medical aid from government and other institutions. To cite an example, Lokesh Lugaria was a special child suffering from loco-motor disability and needed to undergo an operation. Prayas helped his parents to collect Rs 1.64 lacs for the child's operation. Similarly another child in Amagarh centre was given financial help for her operation.

• Prayas is also instrumental in discouraging child labour and motivating them to pursue education.

• Prayas also provides a 6-month vocational training (stitching, sewing and embroidery) for women who learn skills to increase their employment potential and are thus empowered to become independent wage earners in textile/clothing export houses or go on to start their own small work units of tailoring. So far, over 350 women have benefited from this program.

• Parents of disabled children were made aware of and assisted in obtaining the necessary certificates (Disability) to enable them to avail benefits of schemes started by the Government.

• Prayas has provided parents of special needs children a platform called 'MILAP' where they get together, interact and share experiences and solutions. Some games and sports participation helps lighten their moods and increases acceptance of their child as a normal phenomena rather than a liability or burden.

• Prayas has organized in-numerous Awareness camps and rallies, Disability camps, Documentation Camps, Health camps, independently as well as in collaboration with government departments to ensure that people get their rights and basic medical facilities since good health was a prerequisite to be attached to regular education.