Shri Manoj Bhatt

Greetings to All!

'Disability need not be an obstacle to success!'
These are the inspiring words of the wheelchair-bound, modern day physicists Late Stephen Hawking.

His words resonate the force which drives Prayas, as it has emerged as a beacon of hope for so many lives filled with darkness and despair! Over the years, we have gradually dispelled attitudinal barriers and fragmented myths so as to bring sunshine and dignity through empowerment and education for the under privileged and special abled children, who have come within the Prayas ambit!

We have traversed a long way since inception. Today, we are all living in a world ravaged by the pandemic. The challenges, we as an organization faced because of the economically weak backgrounds of our children, compounded with our funding constraints, have however not deterred us from our mission. Instead of making the futile effort of restoring the 'old normal', we at Prayas, have come together with a fresh vision to take Prayas on the path forward, through consolidation and sustainability driven initiatives.

We are determined that come what may, our little angels will continue to be encouraged and motivated to use their independent potential to participate actively in life. We are all set to introduce new vocational initiatives, focus on skill development, add more sports activities and leverage information and communication technology to help us in shaping the destiny of our children.

Our inspiration stems from our belief in the power of our team, in inculcating a strong value system, and in promoting the ethos of responsibility, interdependence and harmony in working. My sincere thanks to all Prayas team members, well-wishers and supporters. We stand upright only with your support.

May we stay together to rejoice in Hope!

Manoj Bhatt,
Chairperson, Prayas

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